Everything is fine!

Converting 8mm film to digital with the Wolverine

We have got to see this movie

Reading Unifi Ubiquiti USG SNMP to Zabbix

I shall be neither seen nor heard. Watch me.


I've made a huge mistake

Honestly, we should give up hope

I hope it doesn't come to that.

Using the DeWalt D26204K with the Leigh D4R Dovetail Jig

Dead dove. Do not eat.

Using rsync to copy deltas from A to B via USB

Buster had grown anxious in the confined space of the copy room.

Resurrecting MindTouch DekiWiki

It looks like he's dead

Raspberry Pi security camera meshed network

I didn’t want you to look stupid on the security cameras.

How the hell do people put up with Microsoft Windows

No-no, not-not-not not hot wrong. You know, regular wrong.

Installing Debian on a Dell M3800

The office is a mess. I still haven't replaced Kitty.

Brief rant on (trying to) use iSCSI on a QNAP 569L

And she did finally lead him to the storage unit. Unfortunately, it was on fire.

Tomdroid - a free, roaming, distributed, secure, personal notes management

I mean, we still leave notes to this day.

Copying ESXi virtual machine guests

I thought my AARP card was good for one and a guest.

ESXi on a low cost, low power, small footprint, decent memory Haswell i5

Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?

Weekend at Hazelcombe Farm

Chickens don't clap!

High capacity crypto-RAID on a Raspberry Pi

Oh, it's probably all in a storage unit somewhere

Why do photographers hate selling RAW image files?

And here's a whole series of your head starting to crown

Why do (so many) English people walk on the right?

He's going to be all right

A (possibly) simple fix for GRUB error: file not found

You’re wearing ostrich-skin boots.

Obviously a networking issue

What is your problem?

Create a CSV heading line from your mysql query script with bash

If you’re heading for Portugal, it’s due south.

Revolution is a bit shit

What happened to the lights?

Using salt to install etckeeper

Mum's house-keeper?

Battlestar Galactica humour

Please don’t speak for the rest of the meeting.

VMware ersatz commentator

Well you've just passed my ethics test

De-duplicating across multiple tables in MySQL

Maybe we're not family

How To Grow More Vegetables

I’m not against the insides. People need meat to survive.

Bean Bar Bollocks

I hope that was the espresso machine

ISO 8601

I'm having the time of my life

Jedds Of The World (Part 2) - jedd.co.uk

Footage not found

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