Jedds Of The World (Part 2) -

Posted by Jedd on 2013-02-22

Every now and then (previously looking at jedd2-com I like to do a quick e-glance around the interwebs at my namesakes.

Happily won't take long to look at - it seems to have been registered since 1999, perhaps by the current contact, whose name doesn't contain any kind of Jedd related (or derivative) string.

All I know is that David lives in Kent. Or did. Or at least once told someone he did.

And that his website points to a login screen for his LG NAS. The login that that redirects is over at, at which point my already feeble level of interest in the subject has been exceeded.

The title of the site is JEDD Associates, which is a bit misleading – real Jedds tends to not associate with anyone if they can help it.