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Palais Moqri - or rather, the sign thereof. Let me quote you the interesting bits to save you zooming:

"The Moqri's Palace stretches over about a hectare. The various rooms are located round two large patios and for this the gardens seem to be separated from the palace. Its three gardens are equipped with fountains, pools, and ditches for irrigation [ ... ], benches and balustrades. The alleyways and benches are covered with panels of polychrome zellij. These gardens contain a beautiful collection of both trees and flowers (cypresses, pomegranate and orange trees, etc). The Moqri's Palace is characterized by its numerous gardens which present an interesting panoramic view of the city of Fez and its historic buildings."

The sign is completely legible, even including the map (few maps in Moroccan towns survive the weather or kids).

Sounds great, in any case, eh?

The only problem is that there is absolutely NO ACCESS TO THE SITE.

There was no indication if it actually had opening hours, but the doors looked like they hadn't been opened in a very long time. A quick search on the intergoogles suggests the site has been up for sale since (at least) early 2012.


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