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May 28
Using rsync to copy changes from A to B using a USB driveTagged » debian, software
Aug 30
Resurrecting MindTouch's DekiWikiTagged » debian, software, vmware, wiki
Feb 22
How the hell do people put up with Microsoft WindowsTagged » debian, kde, microsoft, rant
Feb 01
Installing Debian on a Dell M3800Tagged » debian, dell m3800, guide, hardware, software
May 14
A (possibly) simple fix for GRUB error: file not foundTagged » debian, grub, software
Apr 21
Using salt to install etckeeperTagged » debian, saltstack, software
Apr 14
Photo management workflow on Debian GNU/LinuxTagged » debian, photography, software
Jan 10
Installing Debian GNU/Linux on a Lenovo Z380Tagged » debian

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